ARC5 quality guarantee

The job is made by industrials, professionals in their branches.
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Our architecture department has a technical team formed by architects, riggers, and interior designers with a dilated experience.

They are the managers of the studio and the data collectors. When the data collect is over, the plans of the actual state starts,
the writting of the commissioned project and the health and safety study.


In ARC5 we are presenting a new concept of reforms, where your idea, pleasures and preferences are the principal guideline to follow.

We recommend the last constructive innovations and the lasts designs.

Unique spaces and different are possible with our professionals. If you want to give to your hove the newest style, our integral reforms company are the solution.

In ARC5 we are specialized in the planning and develop of all type of constructions, we coordinate, and we carry out any conditioning of housing, premises or office.


Specialists in whatever type of construction in public and privated constructions.


All new types of buildings: in high, between buildings, at single family houses and urban complexes…


Complementary services as landscaped areas, sports and pools…


Construction, industrial shed reforms and annexed necessaries spaces developed for the industrial activity, office buildings, restaurants and hotels…


We make maintenance jobs and company decorations and buildings, we work in group level homes.

Experience in jobs of maintenance:

Socio-sanitary centers
Food industry and metallurgy
Adaptation for cold rooms
Pavers and fencing of plots

In addition, we carry out work in adaptation and maintenance in companies and buildings and maintenance in companies and buildings, works on ground level of residential buildings.

Waterproofing of terraces and roofs
Reform of halls, patios and common elements
Access adaptation for people with reduced mobility (ramps, elevators...)